Abuse Melding

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01-05-2012, 14:27 door AceHighness

Heel vaag verhaal dit... Klinkt erg als propaganda. Niet dat ik denk dat terroristen zich te goed of te heilig zouden voelen om porno te gebruiken, maar ik twijfel over de legitimiteit van dit bericht. Stenography is one of the better methods of hiding data, but usually this does not use any password but just a matter of knowing in which bytes the extra data is stored. Without knowing the data, or the bytes to look at, it's extremelhy difficult to retrieve the original data. Obviously if you use some well known open source tool to perform the data hiding, it will be easily retrievable. So, using such a known tool would defeat the purpose of it .. So let's suppose they ARE able to retrieve the data, and now they have an encrypted blob. Now they have figured out in just weeks (!) what encryption was used and managed to crack the key !! So it was using weak encryption ? Yeah right ... Also, the fact that the spiegel and CNN are the ones reporting this makes it seem even more like propaganda.. They ARE the ...

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