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18-01-2022, 12:40 door Bitje-scheef

De problemen zijn nog steeds in onderzoek. Fijn als ReFS nog steeds volhoud geen drives te kennen na deïnstallatie van de patch. Niet zo resilient dus.... ReFS was designed to overcome problems that had become significant over the years since NTFS was conceived, which are related to how data storage requirements had changed. The key design advantages of ReFS include automatic integrity checking and data scrubbing, elimination of the need for running chkdsk, protection against data degradation, built-in handling of hard disk drive failure and redundancy, integration of RAID functionality, a switch to copy/allocate on write for data and metadata updates, handling of very long paths and filenames, and storage virtualization and pooling, including almost arbitrarily sized logical volumes (unrelated to the physical sizes of the used drives).

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