Abuse Melding

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31-03-2022, 18:40 door Anoniem

Door musiman: @Anoniem (12:14) Dumbphones met SMS zijn wél veilig voor 2FA authenticatie?!? Is daar simswapping dan niet mogelijk? Een beetje domme reactie... The scam begins with a fraudster gathering personal details about the victim, either by use of phishing emails, by buying them from organised criminals, or by directly socially engineering the victim. Armed with these details, the fraudster contacts the victim's mobile telephone provider. The fraudster uses social engineering techniques to convince the telephone company to port the victim's phone number to the fraudster's SIM. This is done, for example, by impersonating the victim using personal details to appear authentic and claiming that they have lost their phone. In some countries, notably India and Nigeria, the fraudster will have to convince the victim to approve the SIM swap by pressing 1. In many cases, SIM numbers are changed directly by telecom company employees bribed by criminals. Once this happens, the victim's phone will lose ...

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