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14-06-2006, 18:27 door Anoniem

van exif.org: JEITA CP-3451 - 12 - 4.5.5 Basic Structure of Thumbnail Data Thumbnail data is recorded in the 1st IFD similarly to primary images, using two existing image formats. No limit is placed on the size of thumbnail images. Thumbnails are not mandatory, but it is recommended that they be recorded if possible, unless hardware or other restrictions preclude this. Thumbnail data does not necessarily have to adopt the same data structure as that used for primary images. If, however, the primary images are recorded as uncompressed RGB data or as uncompressed YCbCr data, thumbnail images cannot be recorded as JPEG compressed data (see Table 2). Geen limiet op de grootte van de thumbnail, geen reden waarom kwaliteit niet goed kan zijn! Marc Samsom

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