Abuse Melding

Je hebt een klacht over de onderstaande posting:

27-02-2009, 18:15 door Marti van Lin

Ik werd net verrast door het volgende mailtje: Due to the reasons listed below your Paypal account has been limited; Paypal is constantly working to ensure security with all Paypal accounts in our system. We have recently reviewed and for the reasons listed below it is necessary for you to confirm your account. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is to insure the safety of Paypal customers and workers alike. Please confirm your account with the supplied link below to "continue use with your paypal account. http://theepicone.net/paypal_update.html ---------------------------------------- Why is my account access limited? Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s): * Unusual account activity has made it necessary to limit account access Until additional verification information can be collected. (Your case ID for this reason is PP-003-303-124.) ----------------------------------------- Thanks, Paypal Staff Paypal.com De afzender ...

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