Abuse Melding

Je hebt een klacht over de onderstaande posting:

04-09-2011, 20:16 door anoniem lafbekje

+ dit: Of particular note is this certificate: CN=*.RamzShekaneBozorg.com,SN=PK000229200006593,OU=Sare Toro Ham Mishkanam,L=Tehran,O=Hameye Ramzaro Mishkanam,C=IR The text here appears to be be an entry like any other but it is infact a calling card from a Farsi speaker. RamzShekaneBozorg.com is not a valid domain as of this writing. Thanks to an anonymous Farsi speaker, I now understand that the above certificate is actually a comment to anyone who bothers to read between the lines: "RamzShekaneBozorg" is "great cracker" "Hameyeh Ramzaro Mishkanam" translates to "I will crack all encryption" "Sare Toro Ham Mishkanam" translates to "i hate/break your head"

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