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26-11-2011, 17:05 door cowboysec

Heel mooi video's, helaas in Engels, aangaand bewustwording ICT-security. Awareness Training Demo's van SANS. SANS Securing the Human is the world's leading provider of information security awareness services. We take a modular approach to security awareness, where each module covers a specific topic. This allows you to create your own custom awareness program by selecting and using only the topics that apply to your organization. This allows you to create a program that is not only compliant, but is highly effective at changing behaviors and reducing risk http://www.securingthehuman.org/services/demo-training-lab Onderwerpen: -You Are The Target -Social Engineering -Email & IM -Using Your Browser Safely -Social Networking -Mobile Devices -Passwords -Data Protection -Data Destruction -Monitoring & Policies -Hacked -Telecommuting -Wi-Fi Security -Encryption -Protecting Your Computer -Advanced Computer Security -Physical Security -Help Desk -IT Staff -Insider Threat -Protecting ...

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