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17-08-2012, 07:31 door grrr

Meer info: Source: http://vrt-blog.snort.org/2012/08/new-threat-disttrack.html Sourcefire is aware of at least one ongoing incident in the energy vertical involving a threat named "DistTrack". This is a new, destructive threat that has not perviously been seen in the wild. At this time, the earliest known sightings were on 8/14. Preliminary indications are that this malware is currently targetted in nature as no wide-spread activity has been detected. This threat involves several files that perform different functions. The core of the malware set is a 32-bit executable named trksvr.exe and is internally identified as "Distributed Link Tracking Server". This file purports to be from Microsoft Corporation with a version number of 5.2.3790.0. This file is responsible for dropping additional files involved in the malware set. In some cases this file has been reported as str.exe. The trkssvr.exe file drops three files: a reporter executable, a data destruction executable and 64-bit executable, ...

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