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10-02-2014, 17:18 door Anoniem

The Insitu Scan Eagle and its 'imaging payload', for example, can now circle a target for a full 24 hours. That seems quaint compared to Lockheed Martin's Stalker drone (inaudible above 400 feet) which can now stay aloft for days: recharged in flight, by laser. As the Electronic Privacy Information Center's Amie Stepanovich pointed out to the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, drones can now be equipped with automated licence plate readers and contractors are working to create drone-mounted "long range, non-cooperative, biometric tagging, tracking and location" systems - known outside the language of military obfuscation as facial recognition. The potential for dystopian uses is considerable. If the Federal Government is willing to propose the extraordinary step of retaining our internet browsing histories for two years, should we also worry about what it may want to permit its agencies to do with a new range of low-cost surveillance machines?

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