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14-05-2014, 17:58 door Anoniem

Microsoft however will continue to offer extended support for a range of XP-based embedded systems, including Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 3 (SP3), which will be supported until April 12, 2016. It was the original tool kit and "componentised" version of XP that was released in 2002 for embedded systems. Microsoft makes critical security updates available for products under extended support, but during that phase customers require a special agreement to get non-security hotfix support. Other embedded products affected by the winding down of XP include its younger point of sale products. Windows Embedded for Point of Service SP3, which was released in 2005 for point-of-sale (PoS) devices, will get extended support until April 12, 2016. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 was an updated version of Windows XP Embedded SP3, but since it was released in 2008, Extended Support goes through to January 8, 2019. And finally, Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 for POS devices will continue to see extended support until ...

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