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07-08-2014, 20:18 door Anoniem

Email van "Synology eNews" <notification@synology.com> met een uitgebreide overzicht welke nas versie risico lopen en wat je er aan kunt doen. Dear Synology users, We would like to inform you that a ransomware called "SynoLocker" is currently affecting some Synology NAS users. This ransomware locks down affected servers, encrypts users’ files, and demands a fee to regain access to the encrypted files. We have confirmed that the ransomware only affects Synology NAS servers running older versions of DiskStation Manager by exploiting a security vulnerability that was fixed and patched in December, 2013. Affected users may encounter the following symptoms: When attempting to log in to DSM, a screen appears informing users that data has been encrypted and a fee is required to unlock data. Abnormally high CPU usage or a running process called “synosync” (which can be checked at Main Menu > Resource Monitor). DSM 4.3-3810 or earlier; DSM 4.2-3236 or earlier; DSM 4.1-2851 or earlier; DSM 4.0-2257 or ...

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