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01-03-2016, 22:17 door Anoniem

Wat je al wist herhaald : Oppassen geblazen met onbekende Apps! Al 10 februari op twitter gemeld! Mac OSX Ransomware Offered for Sale in the Underground Directe link naar het artikel http://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/24699-OSX-Ransomware-Offered-for-Sale-in-the-Underground.html Een grote deelquote vanwege de urgentie According to the vendor, the OSX version: Comes in .app format and can have any icon associated to the application. Default icon is a Word Document. The file once double clicked does not throw any warnings. With Default Mac OS-X settings it opens and executes with no user prompts. Once the file is executed it activates immediately and begins encrypting their files. This also can be set to a delay in minutes if required. Once the files are encrypted the target will be prompted that they have been infected with GinX RaaS along with instructions on how to make payment to get their files back. Just before the user is prompted it takes a picture via their internal webcam and ...

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