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14-02-2017, 19:38 door Anoniem

7. By default services are not allowed to use user data, in any form, anonymized or not, for anything other then the minimum needed for the users request. With free services If a user prefers personalized ads over non-personalized ads, opt-in is allowed, but is forbidden to be a requirement. Ergo an online service is not allowed to only offer the service, when a user chooses to opt-in. 8. Software is not allowed to contact any server on the net without the users consent. Software is not allowed to require contacting services over the internet to function (Operating systems, Office programs, CAD, drawing 3d modeling, Games), excluding programs that are explicit about communication over the internet like web browsers, char programs, mail clients. 9. Devices are are not allowed to collect any data about their user in any form without the users consent. Devices are not allowed to limit their functionality if a user does not wish to give their consent. 10. Any data collected from the user, is property of the ...

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