Abuse Melding

Je hebt een klacht over de onderstaande posting:

16-10-2017, 13:47 door [Account Verwijderd]

Ik heb antwoord: ======================= Hi, we are aware of this problem with WestVPS for some time. In cooperation with the Croatian police department for cyber crime we have come to know that the abusive actions are not originating from Croatia. The company "WestVPS" listed in the Whois RIPE database does not exist nor is registered in Croatia, which means that the servers and IP addresses do not belong to the Croatian constituency. We are dealing with illegal issue. We recommended Croatian police department for cyber crime to contact RIPE so they delete the information from their database and block the IP range which is obviously registered for malicious purposes. As soon as we get some update from our police we shall notify you. Kind regards, - -- HR-CERT - National CERT Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet Josipa Marohnica 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia phone: +385 1 6661 650, fax: +385 1 6661 767 GPG Key ID: 0xFCA254BB www.cert.hr

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