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12-11-2020, 13:36 door Erik van Straten

De beste oplossing voor MFA is volgens Weinert het gebruik van een app. Dat is niet de veiligste oplossing. Dat schrijft Weinert zelf, uit https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-active-directory-identity/it-s-time-to-hang-up-on-phone-transports-for-authentication/ba-p/1751752: Door Alex Weinert: [...] Phishing is a serious threat vector, and we want to empower the user with as much context as possible (or, using Windows Hello or FIDO, make phishing impossible) – SMS and voice formats restrict our ability to deliver the context under which authentication is being requested. Authentication Evolved Ok, to recap: you’re GOING to use MFA. Which MFA? Well, for most users on their mobile devices, we believe the right answer is app-based authentication. For us, that means the Microsoft Authenticator. The Authenticator uses encrypted communication, allowing bi-directional communication on authentication status, and we’re currently working on adding even more context and control to the app to help users ...

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