Abuse Melding

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12-02-2021, 17:54 door Anoniem

Uit de stortvloed van APnews.com is iets nuttigs boven water gekomen: geleerde lessen, van andere water plants. Fifteen incidents were selected and analyzed through a search strategy that included a variety of public information sources ranging from federal investigation reports to scientific papers. For each individual incident, the situation, response, remediation, and lessons learned were compiled and described. A Review of Cybersecurity Incidents in the Water Sector Amin Hassanzadeh [1], Avi Ostfeld [2], et al., revised: 25 Juli 2020 ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering 146 (2020) https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.11144 [1] Accenture Labs, Arlington [2] Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

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