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14-10-2021, 12:02 door Anoniem

Even ter verduidelijking: In summary, we find that /e/OS collects essentially no data and in that sense is by far the most private of the Android OS variants studied. On all of the other handsets the Google Play Services and Google Play store system apps send a considerable volume of data to Google, the content of which is unclear, not publicly documented and Google confirm there is no opt out from this data collection. LineageOS collects no data beyond this data collected by Google and so is perhaps the next most private choice after /e/OS. Apart from Google’s GApps, no third-party system apps on the LineageOS handset were observed to perform data collection. On LineageOS it is necessary to install GApps to use the Google Play store, but this is not necessary with /e/OS (which uses the open-source MicroG re-implementation of Google Play Services and the Google Play app). De onderzoekers hebben GApps op LineageOS geïnstalleerd in plaats van MicroG. Ergo: appels met peren.

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