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27-02-2022, 09:24 door Anoniem

Door Anoniem: En welk probleem wordt hier nou precies opgelost? Known Digital Traveller Identity Cross-border travel is fundamental to global prosperity and trade, the exploration of new cultures and the exchange of ideas. Travel broadens our horizons and drives economies. With the number of international arrivals expected to grow by 50% by 2030, we must accommodate the vast flow of travellers despite increasing security threats, limited infrastructure and numerous layers of screening. Currently, a secure and seamless traveller journey is not guaranteed and, if not managed well, the travel experience and the global travel industry might suffer. Together with its partners, the World Economic Forum explored solutions to seamless and secure travel challenges and developed the Known Digital Traveller Identity concept as part of its project, Shaping the Future of Security in Travel. By applying design-thinking strategies and adopting a traveller-centric approach, constituents mapped the traveller journey and ...

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