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24-05-2022, 11:33 door Anoniem

Speciaal voor de Trump-haters: FB was (dus ?) verantwoordelijk voor de overwinning van Trump in 2016 Could Cambridge Analytica Have Delivered Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Victory? An Anthropologist’s Look at Big Data and Political Campaigning https://brill.com/view/journals/puan/3/1/article-p119_119.xml?language=en We will probably never be able to provide a definitive answer to the question of whether ca data capabilities delivered Trump’s victory, mostly because we do not have the smoking gun, that is, the models and datasets used by ca are not available for scrutiny.10 We can however productively assess the significant amount of evidence so far, especially if we reformulate the issue in the following way: –is it possible that ca developed effective political campaigning tools, including, but not limited to, granular data-driven techniques, that could have given a significant advantage to Trump in the 2016 election?

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