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26-10-2012, 12:58 door Fwiffo

Hmm, zeker schoolvakantie hier. Ik heb mijn huiswerk gedaan (hoewel alles dus gewoon al werkte hier. "If it ain't broken don't fix it"), en in 2000 was er al een oplossing in de vorm van "black hole detection" in RFC 2923: How to detect This shows up as a TCP connection which hangs (fails to make progress) until closed by timeout (this often manifests itself as a connection that connects and starts to transfer, then eventually terminates after 15 minutes with zero bytes transfered). This is particularly annoying with an application like ftp, which will work perfectly while it uses small packets for control information, and then fail on bulk transfers. In RFC 4821 is helemaal geen ICMP meer nodig (hoewel toch backward compatible met RFC 1191): Since PLPMTUD is designed for robust operation without any ICMP or other messages from the network, it can be configured to ignore all ICMP messages, either globally or on a per-application basis. Ik ...

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