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12-02-2013, 14:44 door Anoniem

hallo ik kreeg gis een mail binnen over een facebook lotery is dit een nep bericht of is het mogelijk dat ik ook daadwerkelijk gewonnen heb FACEBOOK LOTTERY PROMOTION European Region Office: 10B Widemarsh Street Hereford Square,London HP1 8HFD,England Tel: +4470-2405-2141 www.facebook.com Dear Lucky Winner Aziz Schultz Congratulations i received your informations attach is your lottery certificate send it together with your Bank account information to the paying Bank to enable them transfer your lottery fund to your nominated Bank account in your country The Facebook Lottery Board has passed your payment winning files to the paying Bank the sum of Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds £500,000 registered and deposited in your name is presently in a Non-Deductible Fixed Deposit Account (N.D.F.D.A) Hence you have to cooperate with the paying Bank to enhance the soonest procession and transfer of your lottery fund to you

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