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13-05-2014, 13:05 door tur88

Wel, ik heb mijn vraag vandaag nog even gemaild naar Sirrix en kreeg tot mijn verbazing binnen 2 uurtjes al een uitgebreid antwoord: thank you for your request. The security of the host is realized by several facts of the application: 1) Strict isolation from HOST and Browser-VM. Nothing can break out of the VM and infect the host. (Exception: Downloads, but even this can be deactivated). So malware remains only in the insecure VM. 2) SELinux is active, Firefox in the VM has only a few permissions. The small and hardened Linux VM cannot easily be infected. 3) Read-Only VM After every restart of the application the VM is restarted in a clean and safe state. (Exception: Installed malicious Firefox extensions, but even this can be deactivated though installation). All this facts do not make it necessary to always have the latest components. Your host is always secure. Even an infected VM instead ifs not critical. We update all components regularly, but since we use different external applications we ...

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