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18-10-2017, 15:09 door Anoniem

Door Anoniem: Het ziet er naar uit dat er GEEN patch komt voor het WPA2-lek m.b.t dee Fritz!box modems. Vandaag heb ik op de site van AVM de volgende tekst gevonden: FRITZ!Boxes on broadband connections are currently not affected by the wireless security breach known as "Krack", as such access points do not use the affected 802.11r standard. A possible, theoretical Krack attack targets the wireless connection of a client connecting to the wireless LAN. A whole range of extensive conditions are required to attack a wireless connection between an access point and an insecure client (laptop, smartphone, TV supporting WiFi). The attacker has to be in the immediate, physical vicinity of the client. Plus, he needs to place himself between the client and the access point in form of a "man in the middle attack". A prerequisite for executing this difficult attack is that the client must sign in again voluntarily. For this to work, the attacker has to be closer to the client than the access point. According to the ...

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