Abuse Melding

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31-07-2018, 22:36 door Bitwiper

Uit de PDF: [...] This is also a ‘Zero-day’ attack. Meaning, the anti-virus software does not yet have the virus definitions in their software to catch and remove this threat. [...] We started to pick up Trojan component of the attack on July 17th after an update of our anti-virus software (McAfee). This was only seen on Windows 7 machines. McAfee was then doing its job of detecting and deleting the Trojan, but continued to miss all other components. By the time the number of workstations affected rose to alarming levels, we had discovered the same issues on multiple servers. We developed a script to remove the discovered components that McAfee was leaving behind from all machines [...] Nearly all of the 500 workstations (both Windows 7 and Windows 10) and 120 of the 150 servers have been infected. In dit representatieve voorbeeld wordt dus één van meerdere malware exemplaren welliswaar gedetecteerd door McAfee onder Windows 7, maar de infectie wordt niet gestopt. Onder Windows 10 detecteerde McAfee ...

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